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Hand Washing Station

Our Portable Hand Washing Stations offer your guests or workers a convenient way to wash their hands in an environment where regular plumbing is not available. Washing your hands and maintaining a clean environment should be a top priority at your event or work site, preventing illness and contamination. Renting one of our sanitary Hand Washing Stations will dramatically improve hygiene when you need it most.

Two Sink System

Each of our rentable Hand Washing Stations have a sink on each side of the unit for multiple people to use at one time. Making this rental a great idea for any outside event without available indoor plumbing.

That's A Lot Of Water

Our Hand Washing Stations hold around 80L, of fresh, usable, water! Which means this rental provides up to 350 hand washes with out having to be refilled. Perfect for keeping your guests or workers comfortable.

Foot Operated

Our Rightway Sanitation Services Hand Washing Station is super easy to use! Each hands-free, press of the foot pump dispenses 60ml of fresh water from the 83L fresh water holding tank, preventing contamination.

PolyJohn Bravo

Bravo is in the name, and that's because it's the best portable sink in the industry! Our durable hand washing stations have built-in paper towel and soap dispensers for each sink, making sure everyone is taken care of.

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Hand Washing Stations

If you're new to ordering a Hand Wash Station, it can feel overwhelming... but not when you book with us. We handle everything and make the process as smooth as possible for our clients.


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