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Portable Hand Wash Station

Foot pumped, double sink hand wash station with soap dispenser.

Rightway Sanitation Services

We make sure everyone is comfortable

Rightway Sanitation Services has been serving the Wainwright area since 2000, providing pristine, well-appointed portable toilets and shower cars, as well as professional septic tank services. We are experienced in providing sanitation support to oilfield, pipeline and all types of residential or commercial construction projects.

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Our Specialization

From wedding parties or family reunions to concert venues or remote camps, Rightway Sanitation Services can ensure that everyone present remains comfortable.

Industrial Experience​

Sanitation support for oilfield operations, pipeline projects and all other commercial construction projects.

Portable Shower Units

Multiple stalls with changing areas to keep your job site or special event sanitary.

Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on getting the job done right, not just meeting expectations but exceeding them.

Barrier Free Units​

Barrier free portable toilet rentals so that everyone can be comfortable during your event.​

We Provide The Best Service In The Industry

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